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The Materials Libraries are permanent materials centers that enable the search for new references regarding materials and trends, in addition to offering a welcoming environment with unique characteristics in the essence of the research. The possibility of experience exchange between entrepreneurs and consultants provides new knowledge for the creation of better-selling collections that enjoy public acceptance; everything based on the use of new materials.

Besides making possible a more detailed decoding of the Inspirations Forum research, the materials library brings footwear and clothing manufacturers closer to material suppliers, thus bridging distances and fostering contacts that can generate business.

The Material Library project is carried out by the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear, and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal) and Center of Brazilian Tanning Industries (CICB), with the support of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) and the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE), in partnership with local bodies and unions.

Addresses Physical Materials Física

São João Batista - SC
Address: Avenue Egídio Manoel Cordeiro, 370, Downtown - Zip Code: 88240-000
Telephone: (48) 3265 1515
Jaú - SP
Address: Square Gildo Renda, 15, Downtown - Zip Code: 17210-120
Telephone: (14) 3621 1758
Birigui - SP
Address: Street Roberto Clark, 460, Downtown - Zip Code: 16200-043
Telephone: (18) 3634 2999
Nova Serrana - MG
Address: Street Antônio Martins, 75, District Frei Paulo - Zip Code: 35519-000
Telephone: (37) 3225 3730
Campina Grande - PB
Address: Street Luiz Motta, 200, District Bodocongó - Zip Code: 58430-710
Telephone: (83) 3182 5528
Telephone: (83) 98139 0454
Fortaleza - CE
Address: Avenue João Pessoa, 6754, District Parangaba - Zip Code: 60721-340
Telephone: (85) 3421 4040
Telephone: (85) 98150 5748
Fax: (85) 3421 4041
Franca - SP
Address: Marco Aurélio de Luca, 2240, Parque Progresso - Zip Code: 14403-081
Telephone: (16) 3723 3335
Novo Hamburgo - RS
Address: Street Silveira Martins, 721, District Centro - Zip Code: 93510-310
Telephone: (51) 3584 5200


The Showroom Virtual stemmed from the need that the components sector had to facilitate the manipulation of the components on display.
Its purpose is to provide greater functionality in the composition of product images, including: image zoom feature for analyzing materials, so that textures;
can be highlighted; data structure navigation; photos available for external use, full round-the-clock access for all users. In addition, it is possible to make combinations with materials of the participating companies.

> Visit the Showroom Virtual website